GCU wins APMC for 6th consecutive year


THE NATION, LAHORE, 11th OCTOBER 2013: The Government College University, Lahore Nazir Ahmad Music Society (GCU NAMS) on Thursday set an unprecedented record by winning the prestigious Syed Wajid Ali Team Trophy for the sixth consecutive year at the All Pakistan Music Conference (APMC).
“It’s a big moment for us as we have set a new record by winning the 43-year-old running team trophy for the 6th consecutive year. No other institution had done it in the history of APMC,” said Vice Chancellor Dr Khaleequr Rahman while congratulating university students.
Besides lifting the prestigious trophy, the GCU NAMS team also secured eight medals in the various music competitions at the conference. Mohsin Abbass and Mehreen Abid secured gold medals in the vocal classical and folk singing contests. Asad Ali, Mehreen Abid and Assess Arshad bagged first, second and third positions in the semi classical singing contest. Muhammad Baho won the Bronze medal in the Ghazal competition.–Staff Reporter
Amanat Ali secured silver and bronze medals in the instrument categories.–Staff Reporter

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