Centralising governance: PM establishes body to monitor projects

PM Nawaz Sharif. PHOTO: FILE

PM Nawaz Sharif. PHOTO: FILE


In a bid to ensure improving the performance of key ministries, the government would establish a Performance Delivery Unit (PDU), Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif disclosed on Tuesday.

According to a statement issued from the prime minister’s office, “the government is keen to establish the unit to ensure implementation of the government’s policies, initially in four key areas of governance including energy, infrastructure, employment generation and housing.”

“The Prime Minister highlighted that an effective monitoring mechanism based on best practices in developed countries like the UK, Malaysia, etc on key areas of governance, delivery and efficiency have produced excellent results,” read the statement.

The prime minister said that Pakistan wants to replicate the same model to help in ensuring implementation on the government’s policy decisions. The statement said that the unit would keep a track record of the development made on highlighted priority sectors and other areas would be incorporated later.

Establishment of the PDU, said to be inspired by a similar project of the Malaysian government, comes amid rising concerns of good governance in the country.

Talking about the development with The Express Tribune, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Mohiuddin Wani explained that the unit would be staffed by four sector specialists, who would be hired following a competitive selection process.

Responding to a question, Wani elaborated that PDU specialists would work as staff of the prime minister’s office and would assist him in the overall tracking and monitoring of project progress in key sectors.

Collection of timely and relevant information along with regular monitoring of performance would be the sole function of the PDU, which will be tasked with keeping the prime minister apprised of progress by various ministries.

It is envisaged that with the establishment of the specialized unit, the prime minister will have detailed and up to date information on his desk on all priority issues facing the country.

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