Farhan MEHBOOB eyes top 10 PSA ranking


THE NATION, ISLAMABAD, 01st OCTOBER 2013:- Farhan Mehboob is very confident about his chances in the $275,000 World Open Individual Squash Championship starting from October 26 in Manchester, England. Farhan along with Nasir Iqbal will represent the country in the prestigious event in which world’s top 50 players will be seen in action.
In an interview with The Nation on Monday, Farhan, 24, who remained No 1 squash player of the country for almost five-years and had achieved No 14 rankings in the PSA, said: “I am very confident about my chances in the mega squash event. Though I have not taken part in the major PSA events for the last seven months or so and I lack fitness and proper training yet I am quite sure after going through intensive training under the watchful eyes of head coach Jamshed Gul. I will regain my shattered confidence and will be back to my level best as it is only a matter of time and age is still very much at my side.”
Farhan has also joined the camp established by the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) here at Mushaf Ali Mir Squash Complex on Monday under the command of head caoch Jamshed Gul, while Nasir Iqbal, Aamir Atlas Khan, Danish Atlas Khan, Tayyab Aslam and few others will join the camp today (Tuesday).
“Mostly, the tough mental and physical training helped me a lot in performing very well in the PSA events and this time too, I will train very hard and utilize my skills and game to larger extent to earn honours for the country,” he added.
Farhan said: “It is quite hurting that I had beaten all these players in the past, who have been enjoying top 10 rankings in the world these days. It was a golden time when I was flying high, I had reached world No 14 ranking and was all set to break into top 10, but at that time, I was left high and dry by the federation. I had spent more than Rs 3 million from my own pocket during that period for taking part in the PSA events. Had the federation supported me fully at the time, I could have top 10 ranking and earned a great number of laurels for the country.”
“How could one expect me to continue to perform exceptionally well at the PSA events without a single penny’s help as I ran out of money, therefore, I was left with no other option but to sit back and watch all these players jumping into top 10 in the PSA rankings,” he added.
“I am quite hopeful that now the time has changed and the arrival of new secretary Aamir Nawaz, who is taking keen interest in the affairs, will help the players get maximum chances to appear in the PSA events. I have started believing in my abilities once again and I am also thankful to senior vice president Air Vice Marshal Syed Razi Nawab for selecting me. I will not let down the federation and the country rather I will burn out my heart and try to win laurels for the country at the highest level just like the greats Jahangir and Jansher Khan did in the past,” Farhan Mehboob concluded.

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