‘Children Want Change’ concludes


THE NATION, ISLAMABAD, 30th SEPTEMBER 2013:- Three-day Roots Teacher Development Conference 2013 organised by Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education concluded on Sunday at Pakistan National Council of the Arts auditorium, says a press release.
The moot based on the theme Children Want Change. Over 550 delegates from across 18 cities and 40 schools participated in it along with some of the world’s leading educational speakers, academics and thinkers.
The aim of the conference was to support and invigorate classroom teaching with new ideas, energy, new texts, techniques, new content and connection and effectiveness to meet the challenges of 21st century education.
All these techniques call for an approach that is agile adaptable and in tune with young people lives outside the classroom and their future employability.
The speakers included Roots Millennium Schools CEO Faisal Mushtaq, Teacher Development Centre Director Abbas Husain, School of Leadership Director Shireen Naqvi, Coach and Skills Trainer Sadaf Ali, St Joseph’s College for Woman Principal Dr Bernadette and Kinnaird College former principal spoke on the need for change across classrooms for the 21st century child.
The third and final day of the conference was both inspiring and enriching for teachers. The day commenced with a future mindset master trainer and key note speaker of the three day training conference Abbas Hussain gave an interesting thought provoking lecture about, “The Future of the World Rests in the Hands of Teachers”.
In the conference, Senate Committee on Defense Chairman Mushahid Hussain was the chief guest who spoke on the need for education as the single common denominator for social and national change. He emphasized the significance of promoting and scaling Chinese language across the Roots Millennium Schools and recognised the visionary initiative of CEO Faisal Mushtaq in support of bridging the language divide. Spain Ambassador Javier Carbajosa spoke on the occasion and gave away teacher certificates.

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