Medical college holds Peace Art Gala


THE NATION, ISLAMABAD, 26th SEPTEMBER 2013: Frontier Medical & Dental College in Abbottabad has held Peace Art Gala.
As the name suggests the theme of the event was peace, love and harmony. The aim was simple ‘break the stereotypes and lift the veil of terrorism that has been placed upon Pakistan.’ It started with a brief introduction of what peace is.
It answers questions like what does it mean to an individual? How can anyone make a difference? Yes painting on a wall isn’t going to bring peace per say but the idea was to inspire people and get their minds thinking in the right direction.
The event inspired people. The students took to the stage and expressed their thoughts about peace in Pakistan and what needed to be done as a nation to achieve this.
The speeches were truly heartfelt with the audience hanging on each word. The crowd grew more and more enthralled and could not contain their enthusiasm.
The event was a success as it was to raise awareness that the people of Pakistan are tired of what they have become.
They want change, they want the world to know that they are not going to stay quiet and let their country fall. The youth is the future, and they have a voice.–Staff Reporter

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