Environment-friendly: CDA to build 44km cycling track

CDA to build 44km cycling track. PHOTO: FILE

CDA to build 44km cycling track. PHOTO: FILE


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Wednesday discussed plans of building a cycling lane on major roads of the capital and powering Fatima Jinnah Park and Parliament House through solar energy with a Chinese delegation.

The Chinese delegation visited the civic agency’s headquarters on Wednesday and held a meeting with CDA officials.

CDA Member Environment Ahsan Ali Mangi told participants that CDA is considering building a 44-kilometre loop-like cycling track along four major roads. The track will be constructed along Faisal, Margalla, Garden and Ataturk avenues, Mangi said, adding that the required land is already available.

“We want to promote a culture of healthy activities and lessen the traffic burden on roads while making the city more environment friendly,” said CDA Chairman Nadeem Hassan Asif, while commenting on the cycling track during the meeting.

The other two proposals are about electrification of 240 acres of the Fatima Jinnah Park through solar lights and powering the Parliament House with solar panels.

The meeting was informed that the project proposals will be completed by the Chinese government through grant assistance.

The head of the Chinese delegation said they would come up with a complete solution after a feasibility study of the proposals.

Meanwhile, CDA is planning celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27 by holding a photographic exhibition and documentary screening to showcase the cultural, tourism and archeological sites of Pakistan. A seminar where speakers will talk about revival of tourism in Pakistan will also be held.

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