Children fall in love with Daddy ABC

A screen shot of the film Are You Proud of Me?

A screen shot of the film Are You Proud of Me?


Nearly 650 people walked into Hall 2 of the Alhamra Arts Council for the evening session on the fourth day of the Lahore International Children’s Film Festival on Thursday night. Dex Hamilton and the Doomsday Swarm, a feature film, Spycat and the Paper Chase, Guddu Ki Guddi, Bubble, Daddy ABC, and Room on the Broomwere among the short films screened.

The session began at 6:30pm with the screening of Spycat and the Paper Chase, a 6-minute short film directed by Darren Lim, Fung Chug Hong, Derwin Silamaya Suhali and Soh Yu Xian. The film is based on a short story by Indian author Ruskin Bond. Room on the Broom, a 26-minute film by Max Lang and Jan Lachauer, was screened next. It shows a kind witch who helps various animals even though her cat disapproves of them. The animals eventually save her from a dragon. Daddy ABC, a six-minute short film by Hammad Alawar, received an enthusiastic response from the audience. It is about how a couple raises their child regardless of their troubles. Tanya Suhail, a curator at Alhamra Art Gallery, said, “It is refreshing to see Pakistani directors competing on an international platform. I particularly enjoyed Guddu Ki Guddi.”

Neha Nawaz, a theatre, film and television student at Beaconhouse National University, said “From lighting to screenplay, dialogues to facial expressions… the movies are pieces of art… We need more platforms to encourage and promote young and upcoming talent.”

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