Pakistan IT industry is small industry in worlds IT map but this industry always produce intelligent IT geeks whether you count the name of “Arfa Karim Randhawa”, “Babar Iqbal” or “Sarah Peracha” . She is a young female entrepreneur and digital activist. Sarah started her First E-Company in Pakistan back 2006 when she was just 17 years old and became the youngest female entrepreneur.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Sarah was a digital activist and always raises her voice against injustice from her blog when lawyer movement were started in 9 March 2007 than she response to the dictatorial actions by her articles at her blog besides she launched a website for the lawyer movement. Today this website “Movement For Rule Of Law” is become most search able website regarding Lawyer’s Movement of Pakistan.

As a young female entrepreneur working in a Pakistan’s male-dominated IT field, there is no shortage of wall for Sarah to break through.

The challenges young female face while trying to secure an education in Pakistan is not easy. Last year, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization reported that 62% of girls in Pakistan between five and 13 years old have never spent time in a classroom. Violence against young girls pursuing an education has increased since the alleged Taliban attack against Malala Yousafzai in October of last year.

But the country’s education emergency is only the beginning of a larger problem.

According to the Unesco survey, the youth illiterate population of female is larger then male and Pakistan is in second largest country on survey where 7 million young females are not getting opportunities to complete their even primary level education.

And among those, who get success to complete their education then only 14.3% of Pakistani women got permission to participate in the labor force.

So where, “Sarah Peracha” is a bright example for all young female’s of Pakistan, whom have higher dreams in their lives. “Sarah” becomes first Pakistani IT geek who got opportunity to speak on “people of stage” at websummit Dublin 2013. In the 9 years of history of websummit, First time a person is going from Pakistan to represent green flag on the People’s Stage at the Web Summit Dublin to a crowd of 8 thousands plus people from around the world.

And on that stage “Sarah Peracha” want to speak for betterment of Pakistani and Muslim women, she choose to speak that “how web designing and development education helps empowering women in Muslim world”. How the web designing and development becomes an easy and secure job for women in Muslim society to be pursued?

There she would explain how a young female could do this job from home and earn.

Being a female entrepreneur in Muslim World, Sarah Peracha is much aware that it is a huge task to grab clients among men dominating world. Where men have all opportunities, they would easily grab jobs and satisfied the clients so easily because they are born with confidence; they have confidence that without any fear, they could achieve any thing.

So “Sarah Peracha” decided to use that platform for show the world and especially all Pakistani and Muslim women, that how they could do any thing like a man do in this web designing and development field. She will be focusing on the ground realities, field choosing facts, earning more clients from others, basic problems and their solutions, creating more educational and practicing ideas for women in Muslim world.

After a long race, She is finally got success to secure a place on “people of stage”, “Sarah Peracha” is just 23 years old; young girl, who secured finally 14th rank on websummit dublin’s stage. She is not hold this pride that after 9 years, first time a person is going to represent Pakistan at websummit but she also hold the pride to be an only Muslim female who is representing on websummit dublin’s stage as well.

“Sarah Peracha” is clear example of this idiom “where there’s a will there’s a way”. If we decided some thing to do then we always win that task. She made the country so proud and hopes the all daughters of Pakistan will get encouragement from her success story. Daughter’s always bring pride for their parents and nation, we just need to encourage their capabilities rest they have enough power to proof themselves.

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