Talks with Taliban our own decision: Nisar

Efforts for peace were initiated soon after polls but these were sabotaged through drone strikes.

Efforts for peace were initiated soon after polls but these were sabotaged through drone strikes.

DUNYA NEWS, ISLAMABAD, 11th SEPTEMBER 2013:- Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that the decision to initiate process of dialogue with Taliban was home-made and not taken under foreign pressure or influence.
Addressing a news conference here on Tuesday‚ Nisar said the resolution adopted by the APC was an outcome of the consensus among political and military leadership.

The minister said the message emanating from the APC was welcomed instantly by Taliban‚ which augurs well for peace. He said we want to extricate the country from the vicious cycle of bloodshed in the name of Islam and Pakistan.

He stated that the APC has given mandate to the government for dialogue and a framework for the purpose is ready. He said political parties and media would be kept abreast of the progress as and when needed.

Nisar clarified that the attitude of the military leadership encouraged political leaders to move towards consensus.

Replying to a question‚ Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said efforts for peace and reconciliation were initiated soon after elections but these were sabotaged through drone strikes. He said contacts with certain people who are interested in bringing about peace in the region continued over the last two months and even after the TTP withdrew its offer of dialogue.

He said the venue‚ level of discussions and demands would become clear after the first interaction. He said it would be their priority to address issues involved one by one as the situation if complicated and there is no quick fix solution.

To a question‚ he said the Army Chief told political leaders that he was not aware of any understanding with the United States on drone strikes.

In an apparent reference to the past‚ the minister said the decision to hold dialogue was not taken to pave the way for military operation‚ rather the entire leadership of the country sincerely wanted to resolve the issue through peaceful means.

About Karachi action‚ the minister said during the last four days‚ Rangers carried out 74 targeted raids arresting 158 criminals involved in garget killing‚ extortion‚ kidnapping for ransom and terrorism. Rangers recovered 111 weapons from pistols to Klashnikovs besides 1862 pieces of ammunition. He said Police is also carrying out targeted action against criminals not covered under the four categories being taken care of by Rangers. Police has so far arrested 516 criminals.

Nisar said some of those arrested are claiming about their affiliation with some political parties and the intelligence reports confirm their statement. He said despite this no political party has so far objected to the targeted action against criminals which is a good thing.

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