PIA can fly out of crisis: Ahsan


THE NATION, ISLAMABAD, 11th SEPTEMBER 2013:- Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Prof Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday said that Pakistan International Airlines could come out of crisis following the success story of Malaysian Airline, as PIA is facing similar problems that were faced by Malaysian Airline in past.
He said this while talking to Dato Sri Idris Jala performance minister of Malaysia and Ex-CEO Malaysia Airlines who met with PIA management along with Prof. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning and Development.
“PIA is facing similar problems which Malaysian Airlines had faced in the past. Learning lesson from success story of Malaysian airline, PIA can come out of the crisis”, Prof. Ahsan Iqbal said. Dato Sri Idris Jala said, “PIA management can turn around PIA with proper revenue management. Strict discipline is the key”.
Prof. Iqbal said “Crisis of PIA is of mis-governance and mismanagement”. “We should close non-profitable routes and focused on profitable route flight by flight”, Dato Sri Idris Jala said. “PIA has potential to be a successful airline because it has secure markets” Prof. Ahsan Iqbal added. “Monthly loss of over Rs 3 illion is not suitable. Government doesn’t have resources to bailout PIA. PIA must generate profits in the light of Prime Minister’s directions”.
Ahsan Iqbal further said, performance has become key driver of success in democracy. PLM-N govt got the mandate on account of its performance in Punjab.
Now, we want Federal Govt to be high performance driven to beat the challenges Pakistan faces.
Pakistan can learn a lot from Malaysians experience of performance delivering and monitoring in public sector.
Dato Sri Idris Jala said, “Malaysia enjoys heavy close links with Pakistan. Malaysia has developed fast because it enjoyed political stability continuity of Pakistan. Pakistan has great potential and we wish to see Pakistan grow fast under the newly elected leadership”.

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