Battle Education begins


THE NATION, ISLAMABAD, 10th SEPTEMBER 2013:- Ministry of Education, Trainings and Standards in Higher Education in collaboration with provincial education ministries launched a three-day nationwide enrolment campaign on Monday to get 500,000 additional children admitted to formal and informal schools.
All the area/provincial governments have been directed to participate in the campaign and make arrangements for enrolment of additional students in the schools according to their capacity. Around 140,000 formal and 20,000 non-formal schools run by the Basic Education Community Schools and National Commission for Human Development have been tasked to enrol additional students of 4 to 9 years age, Ministry of Education Secretary Ahmed Bakhsh Lehri informed.
Each non-formal school would enrol five additional students and every formal school would register three additional children, besides their routine enrolment. That is not a big deal because usually schools have the capacity to adjust three to five students, he added.
He said overage children would be enrolled into non-formal schools preferably where they could learn some vocational skills also and get back to formal schools as well after improving their learning levels.
In the capital too, the government schools working under the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) kicked off the campaign that also marked the World Literacy Day that fell on September 8, Sunday, so the educational institutes could not observe it.
Rafique Tahir, CADD Education Advisor, claimed that on the first day the schools enrolled 3,127 children into various schools. He said teams have been sent to convince children and their parents in slums and other areas to get children back to schools and even children have been admitted on the spot without fulfilling legal formalities to facilitate the people.
He said in the FG set-up more students could be accommodated easily but model institutions are already overcrowded so the CADD is planning to start additional evening classes for such students.
But the officials fear that the initiative may not benefit the real students as many who were refused to give admissions in model colleges in the start of the academic session and enrolled themselves in F.G schools have geared up their efforts to get enrolled again in the additional classes of the evening shifts.
And the newly enrolled students may be referred to FG schools. Besides, providing books to them would also be difficult for the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE).
“Academic session started in April last but still students have not been provided complete set of books.
Under these circumstances, it seems difficult that new students would be provided books,” maintained an official wishing anonymity.

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