APC formally snubbed Washington for the first time


THE NEWS, ISLAMABAD, 10th SEPTEMBER 2013: The unanimously-adopted resolution of the APC is unique in the sense that for the first time it has formally snubbed Washington and its dictated policy on the war against terror.

The APC stated with one voice: “We declare that we shall ourselves determine the means and mode of fighting this war in our national interest and shall not be guided by the United States of America or any other country in this regard.”

No past APC or parliamentary resolution ever named the United States but the Monday’s meeting conveyed a harsh message to Washington and its so-called policy on the war on terror.

Again, contrary to the policy of use of force and military operations that the US has been pressuring on Pakistan during the last 12 years, the APC only talked about the option of dialogue for which there would be no pre-conditions attached.

Sources in the PAC said that both the prime minister and army chief made it clear to all present there that both the civilian government and military establishment were on the same page on the option of dialogue. They both also shared the same view that the enemy of Pakistan was their enemy.

The army chief, it is said, told the top political leadership of the country that it was for the politicians and government to decide the policy. He assured all that the army and military establishment would sincerely implement such a policy. The army chief also told the participants that there was nothing wrong fundamentally but it was extremism that needed to be checked and curbed.

The APC participants were in agreement that the policy of use of force did not work well in the past and for the same reason, it was noted in the resolution, “We have been distressed to note that the situation has continued to deteriorate over the last several years and past efforts to control terrorist and extremist elements have not yielded the desired results.”

According to sources, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Khan, the man who worked day and night to devise the strategy to curb terrorism, has already established contact with the local Taliban to formally start the dialogue process.

Generally, things will be kept in a low profile as there are many internal and external forces that do not want this dialogue process to succeed.“Even we know that a select group in the media will try to sabotage this serious endeavour of the country’s top political leadership and the government,” a source said.

Although, there has been no implementation of the past resolutions whether adopted by parliament or the APCs, in this case the government has given its assurance that the resolution would be implemented in letter and spirit and with sincerity and conviction.

Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan is also expected to brief the media on Tuesday about the government’s strategy.Most of the participants of the PAC appreciated the Nawaz Sharif government’s initiative and assured their complete support to achieve the objective of peace through dialogue.

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